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Downloads: 214
Uploaded by: Dinesh Hari Haran. k
File size: 2743 kilobytes
VSP Version: 3.X
Copyright holder: Dinesh Hari Haran. k
Copyright year: 2021
License: Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA)

File ID# 527
Model Multirole Fighter Aircraft
Units Meters
Description Mid Mount. Trapezoidal Swept Back Main Wing with Leading Edge Root extension, attached with pylons at the tip. V-shaped stabilizers with targeting and navigation pods, provided along with Ventral Strakes. Long Slender Tubular Fuselage, with drooping pointed nose and tapering rear. Propelled by Two turbofan Engine attached alongside of rear fuselage, with Semi Rectangular Air intakes. Tri cycle Landing Gear System. Tail Hook attached to Empennage of the aircraft, to support arrested recovery. A Refueling probe attached to starboard side of the nose and pitot tube attached in front of the aircraft. Nine Hardpoints ( Six Under the wing and Three under the Fuselage) 2*Drop Tanks, 2*Rockets, 1*Anti-Radiation Missile, 4*Air-to-Air Missile, 2*Bombs
Source Quality

4 - The source material used to create this model was Inaccurate. This means some photos and drawings with very few dimensions were used to create the model.

Model Suitability
  • 1 - Check internal layout/volume
  • 1 - Build a display model
  • 1 - Cartoon or Pretty Picture
Tags experimental , military , fighter , turboprop engine , bomber , jet engine , multirole

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