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Rectangular Wing with High-Lift Propeller

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Uploaded by: Siena Whiteside
File size: 390 kilobytes
VSP Version: 3.X
License: Public Domain

File ID# 526
Manufacuter NASA
Units Feet
Description This model represents a rectangular wing with X-57 airfoil, blown by X-57 high-lift propeller(s). The model was created by NASA to investigate the ability of computational analysis tools to model propeller-blown wings for conceptual design. The model includes two geometry sets: (1) wing with mid-span propeller located slightly below the wing chord; (2) wing with tip propeller coincident with wing chord. The results of NASA analyses will be published in due course and publications will be referenced in the comments section below. The model may also be used as a basis for public observation and analysis. Initial NASA analyses focused on flight conditions of 58 knots freestream with propeller spinning at 4550 RPM, at international standard sea level, for angles of attack of -5 to 30 degrees. This model was designed by the Aeronautics Systems Analysis Branch of NASA Langley Research Center; questions can be directed to
Source Quality

2 - The source material used to create this model was Essentially Exact. This means detailed dimensions and drawings were used to create the model.

Model Suitability
  • 1 - OML for wetted areas/drag buildup
  • 1 - Accurate OML for detailed aerodynamic analysis or CFD
Tags airplane , component , distributed electric propulsion , prop-wing interaction

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Siena Whiteside (July 27, 2021 at 21:21):

VSPAERO and OVERFLOW analyses on geometry sets (1) and (2) were be presented at AIAA Aviation 2021. Technical Paper: Sheridan, C. N. D., Pham, D. D. V., and Whiteside, S. K. S., "Evaluation of VSPAERO Analysis Capabilities for Conceptual Design of Aircraft with Propeller-Blown Wings," AIAA Aviation Forum, 2-6 Aug 2021, AIAA-2021-2510, Presentation slides:

Siena Whiteside (July 27, 2021 at 21:14):

RoBIN and OVERFLOW analyses on geometry set (1) are presented in Fei, X., "The Causes of Propeller Pitching Moment and the Conditions for its Significance," Chapter 4, PhD Dissertation, Georgia Institute of Technology, Apr 2021,

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