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Downloads: 168
Uploaded by: Tibor Berki
File size: 359 kilobytes
VSP Version: 3.X
Copyright holder: Tibor Berki
Copyright year: 2020
License: Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA)

File ID# 429
Model T2
Units Dimensionless
Description Had a blast with this one. Wanted to explore the possibilities of quiet electric flight with a 6 seater until I found it's scaled down 50% or so. The fuselage and mission is influenced by the Eviation Alice prototype, so short distance commuter hops. Still don't know how to make landing gear, nor if VSP can do retractable animation. The wing has a laminar profile so it should perform decently. Please comment! I'm just doing this for fun but will hopefully learn from your comments ;)
Source Quality

5 - The source material used to create this model was Completely Inaccurate. This means the creator thought of the vehicle or part as he or she made the model, but did not use any pictures or drawings and had no dimensions.

Model Suitability
  • 1 - Accurate OML for detailed aerodynamic analysis or CFD
  • 1 - Structures
  • 1 - Check internal layout/volume
  • 1 - OML for wetted areas/drag buildup
  • 1 - Weight and balance
  • 4 - Cartoon or Pretty Picture
  • 4 - Build a display model
  • 5 - Great fun
Tags general aviation , experimental , airplane , twin-engine

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Rich (January 27, 2020 at 21:14):

Interesting concept. You may want to consider fairing the wing-fuselage join. The current configuration creates a sharp, acute angle under the wing. Any angle less than 90 degrees is going to create a lot of excess drag. Also consider that you have the V tail and props in the main wing downwash. The unstable air will create noise at the propeller and may lead to some tail flutter. One of the great things about electrics is you can really manipulate the CG. The batteries are the heaviest component, weigh effectively the same at full charge or depleted and can be installed in a near infinite configuration. You can move the wing around quite a bit and still reasonably create a planform well within safety minimums. Good luck and keep at it!

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