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X-57 Maxwell Detailed CRM v.4.4.1

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Downloads: 1937
Uploaded by: Brandon Litherland (NASA LaRC)
File size: 4531 kilobytes
VSP Version: 3.X
License: Public Domain

File ID# 414
Manufacturer NASA
Model X-57 Maxwell
Units Inches
Description This model represents NASA's X-57 Maxwell FDC sub-project, a manned, fully electric, experimental aircraft demonstrating distributed propulsion and blown-wing high-lift devices. The model is a redacted copy of the official X-57 aerodynamic reference OML (version 4.4.1) used to generate technical data ( While this model is intended to very accurately match the X-57 detailed design, each part is an approximation. Users should not assume that the components exactly represent the true X-57 design. This model has many components and may exceed 32-bit memory limits. We recommend using the 64-bit versions of VSP in this case. The detailed CRM is also stored at the NASA LaRC X-57 info page: Questions about the model can be addressed to
Source Quality

2 - The source material used to create this model was Essentially Exact. This means detailed dimensions and drawings were used to create the model.

Model Suitability
  • 1 - Accurate OML for detailed aerodynamic analysis or CFD
  • 1 - Cartoon or Pretty Picture
  • 1 - OML for wetted areas/drag buildup
  • 1 - Build a display model
  • 3 - Weight and balance
  • 3 - Structures
  • 3 - Check internal layout/volume
Tags general aviation , experimental , electric , nasa , fdc , x-57 , maxwell , dep , high-lift , distributed thrust

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Version of X-57 Maxwell Simplified CRM v.4.4.1 Version Differences: This detailed model provides significantly more information than the simplified version. Detailed propeller information, control surface placement/operation, and wing layout is included. This version is effectively identical to the model used to create the X-57 Technical Data.


Wilfred (October 22, 2020 at 19:45):

What unit is the mass in? I need it to get a sense of the rho value in vspaero

P-63 (December 12, 2019 at 2:13):

@Johannes: it's a big file, took a while for my computer to open, but I was able to open it with 3.19.1

Johannes Soikkeli (October 11, 2019 at 9:03):

Thanks a lot! However, for me it is not possible to open (OpenVSP crashes while loading the file). I tried 3.16.2., 3.17.2. and 3.18.0. Could somebody confirm the files opens alright? Best Regards, Johannes Soikkeli

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