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Woznica Hawk CivilanModel 147

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Downloads: 393
Uploaded by: DDR2402
File size: 48 kilobytes
VSP Version: 2.X
Copyright holder: David Woźnica
Copyright year: 2014
License: Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC)

File ID# 253
Manufacuter Woźnica Company
Model CivilanModel 147
Units Meters
Description It is a small plane located two people, a twin-engine private jet. It was designed by Woznica Company and hopes to mass production. Mainly for flights from city to city, he does not have such a large fuel tank to fly from country to country. The streamlined shape of the cockpit enables faster flights and lower fuel consumption but still not enough of this fuel to fly from country to country.
Source Quality

1 - The source material used to create this model was Definitive. This means the VSP model is the definition of the vehicle or part (it was built from the model or the model is the best source of infromation available).

Model Suitability
  • 1 - Accurate OML for detailed aerodynamic analysis or CFD
  • 1 - Cartoon or Pretty Picture
  • 1 - Structures
  • 2 - OML for wetted areas/drag buildup
  • 2 - Build a display model
  • 3 - Weight and balance
  • 3 - Check internal layout/volume
Tags experimental , airplane , person , twin-engine , capsule , jet engine

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