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Downloads: 401
Uploaded by: Nicholas Cafarelli
File size: 449 kilobytes
VSP Version: 2.X
Copyright holder: Nicholas Cafarelli
Copyright year: 2014
License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA)

File ID# 235
Manufacturer Enth
Model NC11
Units Inches
Description See previous versions for history. This design means to explore minimum cost metal construction by mashing up the ideas of Michel Colomban, Leeon Davis, Al Backstrom, Scott Winton, Calvin Parker, and Peter Wyatt.
Source Quality

1 - The source material used to create this model was Definitive. This means the VSP model is the definition of the vehicle or part (it was built from the model or the model is the best source of infromation available).

Model Suitability
  • 1 - Build a display model
  • 1 - Check internal layout/volume
  • 1 - OML for wetted areas/drag buildup
  • 1 - Cartoon or Pretty Picture
  • 3 - Weight and balance
  • 3 - Structures
  • 3 - Accurate OML for detailed aerodynamic analysis or CFD
Tags experimental , airplane , single-engine , piston engine

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Version of NC11v.06 Version Differences: To ease fabrication, and lower cost, this model uses a flat wrap canopy. To allow shorter landing gear this model relocates the thrust line.


Nicholas Cafarelli (March 1, 2014 at 0:20):

The following links inform and influence the design of the NC11: An extended discussion is found at:​​acteristics-straight-wing-tailless-model-langley-free-flight-tunnel.html

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