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Symmetric human

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Downloads: 496
Uploaded by: Jack Langelaan
File size: 84 kilobytes
VSP Version: 2.X
Copyright holder: Jack Langelaan
Copyright year: 2012
License: Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA)

File ID# 111
Units Meters
Description This is a scalable human figure, roughly proportioned to the dimensions given here: The model is actually dimensionless!! The figure is scaled to a height of 1. To scale to your desired size open the "Dimension Ball" component and change its scale factor to your units. For example, for a 95 percentile male set the scale factor to 74 inches or 6.17 feet or 188cm. The model can articulate: change the angles at each joint to articulate. Density and weight is not included!!
Source Quality

3 - The source material used to create this model was Good. This means good 3-view drawings were used to create the model.

Model Suitability
  • 3 - Check internal layout/volume
  • 3 - Cartoon or Pretty Picture
Tags person

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Jack Langelaan (August 29, 2012 at 1:32):

I made it because I couldn't find Podman when I needed a little guy...

Kevin Antcliff (August 28, 2012 at 20:15):

Should this possibly be listed as a 'Revision' to podman?

Mark Moore (August 28, 2012 at 3:40):

I lover it ! Much better than Podman

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