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Files uploaded by Austin

Name Source Quality Manufacturer Model Downloads Comments Date
Bd5 2 place Twin engine 4 Concept BD5J 2x2 264 0 2019-04-19
BD 5j- 2 place updated 4 Updated 2 place BD-5 207 2 2019-04-11
BD 5j- 2 place 4 BD-5 variant 146 2 2019-04-10

Comments made by Austin

Model Name Comment Posted On
Nose Gear can anyone comment on how to bring this part into an existing aircraft file? EDIT: I figured it out... use the insert function under file 2019-04-16
BD 5j- 2 place updated I cannot run an analysis so if anyone can I would really appreciate feedback, 2019-04-11
BD 5j- 2 place I cant seem to figure out how to change this file or to put up a revision. If I go to edit it does not give me an option to upload a new VSP file. ... 2019-04-11