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Files uploaded by Wonwoo

Name Source Quality Manufacturer Model Downloads Comments Date
Low Boom Superso​nic Airline​r 1.2 5 N/A SST Model 1.2 276 0 2019-03-11
Low Boom Superso​nic Airline​r (Revise​d) 5 N/A SST Model 1.1 (Revise​d) 234 2 2019-03-03
Low Boom Superso​nic Airline​r 5 N/A SST Model 1 285 1 2019-02-19

Comments made by Wonwoo

Model Name Comment Posted On
Low Boom Supersonic Airliner (Revised) I've just realised that the scale is totally messed up... I don't know what happened... I will edit it as soon as possible. 2019-03-04
Low Boom Supersonic Airliner (Revised) I forgot to change the position of the wing in the previous post (#390) so I re-uploaded the new version after making the small change. 2019-03-03
Low Boom Supersonic Airliner It is exam season at the moment. I will upload a revised version after this week 2019-02-26