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Files uploaded by Loyd Woodward

Name Source Quality Manufacturer Model Downloads Comments Date
VTOLBWB​LW2 5 747 0 2014-05-05
LWVTOL1 1 480 0 2014-04-04
Loyd Woodwar​d 1 W-J1 429 1 2014-03-21
W2 5 309 4 2014-03-16
W1 5 None W1 376 6 2014-02-08

Comments made by Loyd Woodward

Model Name Comment Posted On
W2 How would we find out other than a model in a wind tunnel? 2014-03-22
W1 Yes, I did hear. I can see no purpose or reason for this to be a purposeful act, but I can not understand it as an accident either. It is an... 2014-03-20
W1 The nose bump was to draw attention to a discussion of the Burnelli effect and fuselage lift vs the current canard. It was initially an awkward... 2014-02-17