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Files uploaded by Chris Cook

Name Source Quality Manufacturer Model Downloads Comments Date
Torp 4 Cook Aircraf​t Torp model 1 537 0 2016-04-18
Road Trip 1 Cook Aircraf​t Road Trip 462 0 2014-08-01
CA Boxtail 3 391 3 2014-05-24
Glasair 2 Stoddar​d-Hamil​ton Glasair III 532 1 2014-03-22
C1_Mili​tary Configu​ration 1 Cook Aircraf​t C1_Mili​tary Configu​ration 591 3 2014-03-15

Comments made by Chris Cook

Model Name Comment Posted On
CA Boxtail Haha maybe I'll clip the wings and make a hydro boxtail. 2014-05-30
FALCO F8L how do you adjust the opacity of different elements? I've played with the software but i can't find it. 2014-05-16
W2 Looking at this: I wonder what it would look like to lose the single conventional vertical stabilizer and connect the Fuselage between the wing units. 2014-03-17
C1_Military Configuration Well thanks. Yeah Im much happier than this one. (and to answer your question from the first version. The gear comes out from the area behind the... 2014-03-15
Tritail M3 Good Deal. I just posted another model of the C1 with a military configuration. Take a look at it. I welcome your feedback. 2014-03-15