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W2 How would we find out other than a model in a wind tunnel? Loyd Woodward 2014-03-22
W2 this could potentialy cause a disruption in the wing vortex leading to loss of lift or slow stall speeds... or it could have the exact opposite The Aviator 2014-03-20
W1 It had to have been a fire. I it was, the electronics (acars, radio communications, sattalite communications, transponder etc.) would have been... The Aviator 2014-03-20
W1 Yes, I did hear. I can see no purpose or reason for this to be a purposeful act, but I can not understand it as an accident either. It is an... Loyd Woodward 2014-03-20
W2 Looking at this: I wonder what it would look like to lose the single conventional vertical stabilizer and connect the Fuselage between the wing units. Chris Cook 2014-03-17
Ns-1 I've been trying to modify a fuselage for this design for a while and the cockpit is directly above the engines. The space in front of that is... The Aviator 2014-03-16
C1_Military Configuration Well thanks. Yeah Im much happier than this one. (and to answer your question from the first version. The gear comes out from the area behind the... Chris Cook 2014-03-15
C1_Military Configuration isnt this a revision of the c1 The Aviator 2014-03-15
C1 shouldnt this be listed as a revision to the m3 The Aviator 2014-03-15
Tritail M3 Good Deal. I just posted another model of the C1 with a military configuration. Take a look at it. I welcome your feedback. Chris Cook 2014-03-15
C1_Military Configuration this makes a lot more sence then the other one The Aviator 2014-03-15
Boeing Pelican For an idea of modern competition at the time from the russians click here The Aviator 2014-03-15
Boeing Pelican the actual hull is squarish which you cant do in vsp without a great deal of difficulty like using wings The Aviator 2014-03-15
BLAaaaaaaaaaaa why did you spam the system The Aviator 2014-03-12
W1 did you here about malaysia airlines 370 with 239 dead horrible crash but still a mystery happened on march 8th saturday at 2:40 in the morning The Aviator 2014-03-12
Tritail M3 I found it. It was C1. The Aviator 2014-03-12
777-300 sorry about the rear end it wont save The Aviator 2014-03-12
Tritail M3 Hey Aviator, which other Design? Are you refereeing to a variant of this model or a different aircraft? Chris Cook 2014-03-10
NC11v.07 The following links inform and influence the design of the NC11: Nicholas Cafarelli 2014-03-01
NC11v.04 The following links inform and influence the design of the... Nicholas Cafarelli 2014-02-24