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Grumman F4F "Wildcat" The wire was made using a fuselage component and making it very thin. The square part was also made using the fuselage component. you can just... kmelikov 2015-04-29
Ho229 the source material used for this design is not essentially exact, the parts are not used as the original, the wings collide with the rotation... Julius Tabi 2015-02-02
FALCO F8L just saw this. in the gen tab for each element you can assign the element a material. to make the element see through assign it's material as glass. mikeHH 2014-06-08
CA Boxtail Haha maybe I'll clip the wings and make a hydro boxtail. Chris Cook 2014-05-30
Grumman F4F "Wildcat" The detail im interested in is the square part The Aviator 2014-05-29
Grumman F4F "Wildcat" how do you make the string and the rear landing gear? The Aviator 2014-05-29
CA Boxtail lol it looks like a boat The Aviator 2014-05-29
Grumman F4F "Wildcat" @The Aviator: Thanks! kmelikov 2014-05-21
777-300 wow thx for all the downloads The Aviator 2014-05-20
Grumman F4F "Wildcat" im amazed nice model! The Aviator 2014-05-20
FALCO F8L its a different element The Aviator 2014-05-17
FALCO F8L how do you adjust the opacity of different elements? I've played with the software but i can't find it. Chris Cook 2014-05-16
noname car how did u make this its awesome! The Aviator 2014-04-30
W2 lol The Aviator 2014-03-23
Loyd Woodward Very interesting with the wingletes and the canard adition The Aviator 2014-03-23
Glasair AThe tail isnt alinged The Aviator 2014-03-23
W2 How would we find out other than a model in a wind tunnel? Loyd Woodward 2014-03-22
W2 this could potentialy cause a disruption in the wing vortex leading to loss of lift or slow stall speeds... or it could have the exact opposite The Aviator 2014-03-20
W1 It had to have been a fire. I it was, the electronics (acars, radio communications, sattalite communications, transponder etc.) would have been... The Aviator 2014-03-20
W1 Yes, I did hear. I can see no purpose or reason for this to be a purposeful act, but I can not understand it as an accident either. It is an... Loyd Woodward 2014-03-20