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Fighter Radar Hi Michael. You might want to check the units of this part. I think there is something wrong. Michael Kruger 2017-07-18
Strut Gear Good day Michael. How difficult would it be for you to modify this part by adding a parameter to change the cant angle of the wheel and tire?... Michael Kruger 2017-07-06
Me-262 congratulations! Very well creative helber lima dos santos 2017-04-10
QueSST Hello, I had "vsp stopped working" error when i wanted to mesh this aircraft. Is there anyone who knows how to fix it? Thanks Umut 2017-04-07
Wayne Snow The Space race is on. Wayne Snow 2017-02-15
Wayne Snow Your feedback is very important, pls. contact me, Wayne Snow 2017-02-15
ParkerSeaplane1 One way to keep the wings out of the water (and eliminate the usual seaplane aero hamper gizmos) is don't: let whichever (little bit fat) tip that... Peter Schwenn 2016-08-10
ParkerSeaplane1 How will you keep the wings out of the water? Kent Balas 2016-05-22
ParkerSeaplane1 Have you updated the design? Where is the cockpit? Kent Balas 2016-05-22
Multi-Wing Attack Bomber badass but useless. maybe in anime could works. baron 2016-02-09
MiG-21F13 well done baron 2016-02-09
ParkerSeaplane1 I posted this here because I'm having some trouble running VSPAero on my computer. Hoping someone may be able to analyze it and let me know their... Alex 2015-11-19
Continental O-200 EXCELLENT!! .... mikeHH 2015-11-02
HL-20, NASA TM4117 WT Model with Blunt Airfoils This model includes a measuring stick that was used to adjust the parameters to get as good of a shape as possible, and is not actually a part of... Andy 2015-08-11
Grumman F4F "Wildcat" The wire was made using a fuselage component and making it very thin. The square part was also made using the fuselage component. you can just... kmelikov 2015-04-29
Ho229 the source material used for this design is not essentially exact, the parts are not used as the original, the wings collide with the rotation... Julius Tabi 2015-02-02
FALCO F8L just saw this. in the gen tab for each element you can assign the element a material. to make the element see through assign it's material as glass. mikeHH 2014-06-08
CA Boxtail Haha maybe I'll clip the wings and make a hydro boxtail. Chris Cook 2014-05-30
Grumman F4F "Wildcat" The detail im interested in is the square part The Aviator 2014-05-29
Grumman F4F "Wildcat" how do you make the string and the rear landing gear? The Aviator 2014-05-29