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Cessna 337 Super Skymaster "The source material used to create this model was Good. This means good 3-view drawings were used to create the model." Could you share the... Adithya Ramesh 2020-12-02
F07 Just a Beginner to open vsp, learning things day by day Dinesh Hari Haran. k 2020-12-01
F07 what about engine and spinner// theking 2020-12-01
Cirrus SR-22 This model looses detail in the nose and tail when imported under V3 Roger 2020-11-14
X-57 Maxwell Detailed CRM v.4.4.1 What unit is the mass in? I need it to get a sense of the rho value in vspaero Wilfred 2020-10-22
BD 5j- 2 place Austin pls contact me at i am building a 400 HP BD 5 right now that's much faster the the jets the photo of the... reynold s chapin 2020-10-01
Blended Wing Body Hey @techwinder, that's awesome, thanks for posting! Your flow5 software looks really useful! Michael Kruger 2020-09-12
Blended Wing Body Hi Michael - very nice model. I took the liberty of using it for a CFD tutorial. Hope you... techwinder 2020-09-03
Boeing 747 Can you upload a vsp3 version please. I tried to create my own but failed to do so Shyam Kashyab 2020-06-24
LA-8 Initial Conceptual Design Need to https encrypt, and please OpenVSP needs to be causeffectist bank. Ibrahim R 2020-05-02
FALCO F8L I can load Cessna 172 and 182 but not the Falco. Files are .vsp3 versus .vsp. Is that the problem? Falco file is in my document file same as the... Grant Smith 2020-04-20
Tdude Interesting concept. You may want to consider fairing the wing-fuselage join. The current configuration creates a sharp, acute angle under the... Rich 2020-01-27
Airbus Beluga XL Sentence Correction "I do not hold ANY copyrights or patents on this model" Mohan Ram T.R 2020-01-10
X-57 Maxwell Detailed CRM v.4.4.1 @Johannes: it's a big file, took a while for my computer to open, but I was able to open it with 3.19.1 P-63 2019-12-12
Doss Electric Prima This is a concept sketch. My aim is to make this design a reality. Any steps to make this happen, any improvements and suggestions are welcome. Kailash Kalidoss 2019-11-01
X-57 Maxwell Detailed CRM v.4.4.1 Thanks a lot! However, for me it is not possible to open (OpenVSP crashes while loading the file). I tried 3.16.2., 3.17.2. and 3.18.0. Could... Johannes Soikkeli 2019-10-11
X-57 Maxwell Simplified CRM v.4.4.1 X-57 Technical Data Page:​ndex.html X-57 Full-Detail Common Research Model:... Brandon Litherland (NASA LaRC) 2019-09-03
BD 5j- 2 place updated Which type of analysis ? Roméo achard 2019-07-24
Multi-Wing Attack Bomber looks like a subsonic heavy transporter not bomber, and why wing tip loads? synwpu 2019-07-05
LAF-23 too many wings, maneuverability may not be good synwpu 2019-07-05