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Tdude Interesting concept. You may want to consider fairing the wing-fuselage join. The current configuration creates a sharp, acute angle under the... Rich 2020-01-27
Airbus Beluga XL Sentence Correction "I do not hold ANY copyrights or patents on this model" Mohan Ram T.R 2020-01-10
X-57 Maxwell Detailed CRM v.4.4.1 @Johannes: it's a big file, took a while for my computer to open, but I was able to open it with 3.19.1 P-63 2019-12-12
Doss Electric Prima This is a concept sketch. My aim is to make this design a reality. Any steps to make this happen, any improvements and suggestions are welcome. Kailash Kalidoss 2019-11-01
X-57 Maxwell Detailed CRM v.4.4.1 Thanks a lot! However, for me it is not possible to open (OpenVSP crashes while loading the file). I tried 3.16.2., 3.17.2. and 3.18.0. Could... Johannes Soikkeli 2019-10-11
X-57 Maxwell Simplified CRM v.4.4.1 X-57 Technical Data Page:​ndex.html X-57 Full-Detail Common Research Model:... Brandon Litherland (NASA LaRC) 2019-09-03
BD 5j- 2 place updated Which type of analysis ? Roméo achard 2019-07-24
Multi-Wing Attack Bomber looks like a subsonic heavy transporter not bomber, and why wing tip loads? synwpu 2019-07-05
LAF-23 too many wings, maneuverability may not be good synwpu 2019-07-05
Roméo Thanks you very much Roméo achard 2019-05-02
Nose Gear can anyone comment on how to bring this part into an existing aircraft file? EDIT: I figured it out... use the insert function under file Austin 2019-04-16
BD 5j- 2 place updated I cannot run an analysis so if anyone can I would really appreciate feedback, Austin 2019-04-11
BD 5j- 2 place I cant seem to figure out how to change this file or to put up a revision. If I go to edit it does not give me an option to upload a new VSP file. ... Austin 2019-04-11
Roméo u are good designer man i always follow ur work theking 2019-03-27
Low Boom Supersonic Airliner (Revised) I've just realised that the scale is totally messed up... I don't know what happened... I will edit it as soon as possible. Wonwoo 2019-03-04
Low Boom Supersonic Airliner (Revised) I forgot to change the position of the wing in the previous post (#390) so I re-uploaded the new version after making the small change. Wonwoo 2019-03-03
Low Boom Supersonic Airliner It is exam season at the moment. I will upload a revised version after this week Wonwoo 2019-02-26
Blended Wing Body Good day. I indeed used the video linked to by other Michael to create this model, so all the info should be there. Regards, Michael. Michael Kruger 2019-02-05
Crosswind kite power Dragon of little falls I honestly think if all wind conditions aren't perfect, then this kite will quickly fold up, spin madly and twist the line and EVERYTHING it comes... joe rollins 2018-12-26
eSWIFT tesco payslip swalife 2018-11-17